January 31, 1844, Liverpool, England.

August 25, 1913, Buxton, Derbyshire, England.

Ryde, Isle of Wight.

Stephen Adams.


Maybrick played the organ at St Peter’s Church (his father was parish clerk), 1855–56. In 1866, he went to study in Leipzig, and discovered he had a fine baritone voice. He debuted in London as a singer in 1869 and appeared with the National Opera Company at the St. James Theatre in October 1871. He took the stage name Stephen Adams, and with Frederick Weatherly wrote hundreds of song such as A Warrior Bold and Nancy Lee. His career as a popular music hall artist declined after his sister-in-law’s much publicized 1889 trial for poisoning her husband. In 1893, Maybrick left London and retired to the Isle of Wight. While there, he was elected mayor of Ryde five times, and became president of the Isle of Wight Conservative Association and chairman of the county hospital.

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