Jan Struther

June 6, 1901, Belgravia, London, England.

July 20, 1953, Presbyterian Hospital, New York City.

Whitchurch (near Aylesbury), Buckinghamshire, England.

Jan Struther.


Joyce was the younger of two children born to Harry (Henry) Torrens Anstruther, Member of Parliament and his wife (later Dame) Eva Anstruther (née Hanbury-Tracy). She spent her childhood in Whitchurch, and was educated privately in London. In class, she used to sit behind Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (the future Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother) and would occasionally dip the long tresses of royal hair into the ink-well. In later life, when quizzed about this by an Anstruther family member, the ever-tactful Queen Mother declared that she could recall nothing of it!

Struther contributed twelve hymns to Songs of Praise (London: 1931). Her other works include:

  1. Daisies Are Our Silver
  2. God, Whose Eternal Mind
  3. High o’er the Lonely Hills
  4. Lord of All Hopefulness, Lord of All Joy
  5. O Saint of Summer, What Can We Bring for You?
  6. Round the Earth a Message Runs
  7. Sing, All Ye Christian People!
  8. Unto Mary, Demon-Haunted
  9. We Thank You, Lord of Heaven, 1933
  10. When a Knight Won His Spurs, in the Stories of Old
  11. When Mary Brought Her Treasure
  12. When Stephen, Full of Power and Grace