19th Century

We have little data on Maxfield, except that he was a minister, and that his name was sometimes shown with the title Dr. (presumably a Doctor of Divinity degree)

  1. Abiding Rest
  2. Are You Looking unto Jesus?
  3. Are You Trusting
  4. As Long As We Live In the World
  5. Ask Me Not to Tarry Longer
  6. Dear Lord, I Dare to Trust Thee Now
  7. Eye of Faith, The
  8. Far from Home My Feet Are Straying
  9. Father, and May a Little Child
  10. Help Me Now to Do Thy Will
  11. I Cannot know My end Or Way
  12. I Think of That Gem
  13. I Was a Captive Once
  14. I Will Tell the Precious Story
  15. I’ve Looked My Life Over
  16. Lord, I Come to Thee for Rest
  17. No More Do I Languish In the Darkness and Sin
  18. Not Alone, O Blessed Jesus
  19. On the Jericho Road There Is Service Today
  20. Trust Thy Savior’s Word Today
  21. We Are Drawing from the Fountain
  22. When the Jewels Are Selected
  23. When Wearisome Moments Abide
  24. Ye Who Have Toiled All