October 30, 1853, London, England.

January 29, 1931, Swanage, Dorset, England.

Roslin (near Edinburgh), Scotland.


Mathams went to sea early in life, and for a while joined the gold rush in the Canadian Yukon. On returning to England through Palestine, he began studying for the ministry.

 In 1874, he entered the Regent’s Park Baptist College, and subsequently became the pastor at Preston, Lancashire. In 1879, his health failing, he went for a while to Australia and other places.

Returning to England, he became, in 1883, minister at Falkirk, Scotland, and at Birmingham in 1888. He entered the ministry of the Established Church of Scotland in 1900, served for three years as chaplain to the Scottish 1st Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders, in the Egyptian campaign (1903–06). In 1906, he became an associate minister at Stronsay, in the Orkney Islands.

In 1909, he was ordained a full minister at St. Columba’s Church, Mallaig, on the northwest Scottish coast. In 1919, he retired and moved to Roslin, Scotland. After his wife Alexa Jane died, he moved to Swanage, Dorset.

His works include:

  1. Bright Falls the Morning Light
  2. Captain and Comrade of Us All
  3. Christ of the Upward Way
  4. From Heights Where God Is Reigning
  5. Gentle Jesus, Full of Grace
  6. Go, Work for God, and Do Not Say
  7. God Has Come from Nazareth
  8. God Is with Us
  9. God Loves the Little Sparrows
  10. Jesus, Friend of Little Children
  11. Lord Jesus Christ! for Love of Thee
  12. My Heart, O God, Be Wholly Thine
  13. No Room for Thee, Lord Jesus
  14. Now in the Days of Youth
  15. O Christ, Sweet Rose of Sharon
  16. Reign in My Heart, Great God
  17. Sailing on the Ocean
  18. Stand Fast for Christ Thy Savior