March 27, 1842, Glasgow, Scotland.

August 28, 1906, Avenell House, North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland.

Family vault, Glasgow Necropolis.

George was the son of George and Jane Matheson.

Born with poor vision, his eyesight gradually worsened until he was almost totally blind. However, he was academically gifted, and his sisters learned Latin, Greek, and Hebrew to help him study. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh (MA 1862), then became a minister in the Church of Scotland.

He served a pastorate in the resort town of Innellan for 18 years; due to his ability to memorize sermons and entire sections of the Bible, listeners were often unaware he was blind. In 1886, Matheson became pastor of St. Bernard’s Church in Edinburgh, where he served 13 years. He spent the remaining years of his life in literary efforts. His works include:

  1. Come, Let Us Raise a Common Song
  2. Father Divine, I Come to Thee
  3. Gather Us In, Thou Love That Fillest All
  4. Jesus, Fountain of My Days
  5. Lend Me, O Lord, Thy Softening Cloud
  6. Lord, Thou Hast All My Frailty Made
  7. Make Me a Captive, Lord
  8. O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go
  9. There Are Coming Changes Great
  10. Three Doors There Are in the Temple