1904, Willcockson (now Marble Falls), Arkansas.

1992, Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Wetumka Cemetery, Wetumka, Oklahoma.

Sanford’s parents were Thomas Massengale and Nancy Jane Hoover. He graduated from the Stamps Music School, Dallas, Texas, in 1929. He is credited with writing 1,800 Gospel songs.

  1. Christ Said He Has Come Not the Law
  2. God Led His Children
  3. Here Sometimes the Trouble
  4. Here We Meet with Many Troubles
  5. I Can’t Tell You Why Jesus
  6. I Want to Be Just Like My Savior
  7. I Want to Learn to Live for Christ
  8. I Will Dedicate My Life
  9. In This World We Have Our Troubles
  10. Just a Few More Days to Travel
  11. Keep Me, Lord, I Humbly Pray
  12. Mother Dear Has Gone and Left Us
  13. One of These days, It won’t be long
  14. On Earth I’ve Moved So Many Times
  15. So Often Clouds Bedim the Day
  16. Some People Through Life Aimlessly Roam
  17. There’s a Happy World of Promise
  18. When Around Me All Is Silent
  19. When I Come to Cross Death’s River
  20. When I was Young Attending
  21. When We Think About