Woodlawn Cemetery, Santa Monica, California.

We have little data on Mason. His works include:

  1. All Along the Hedgerows Nodding
  2. As the Lark, Heavenward Soaring
  3. By the Seaside
  4. Christmas Army
  5. Come and Labor in the Harvest
  6. Come, Happy Children
  7. Consider the Lilies
  8. Exalt His Name
  9. Flowers Have Wakened, The
  10. Glory in the Highest
  11. Happy Summer Time
  12. Hear the Clink of the Coins
  13. Holy Child
  14. Holy Word, Precious Word
  15. Jesus Is Our Refuge
  16. Jesus’ Little Lambs Are We
  17. Jesus, the Children’s Friend
  18. Joyous Praises
  19. Let Us Unite and Sing His Praise
  20. Like a Conquering Host
  21. Little Climbers
  22. Lord, Let Thy Light
  23. O Jesus, Gentle Savior
  24. One There Is Who, as a Brother
  25. Out upon the Rolling Prairie
  26. Path of the Just Is as a Shining Light, The
  27. Raise Your Conquering Banners
  28. Sound Loud the Trumpet
  29. Tell, O Tell, the Wondrous Story
  30. There’s a Wonderful Word
  31. Upward, Ever Upward, Reaching
  32. We Are Little Pilgrims
  33. We Can Tell
  34. With Holy Devotion
  35. Wonderful Star
  1. Asturias
  2. Bright Angels on the Wing
  3. Bruxelles
  4. Fairview
  5. Christ the Theme of Song in All Ages
  6. Guangzhou
  7. Sweet Christmas Time