Late 19th Century

We have little data on Martin, except that he was a minister.

  1. Bind Me Closer Every Day
  2. Come unto Me
  3. Coming of the Lord Draweth Nigh, The
  4. Return, Ye Prodigals
  5. Rose May Yield a Sweet Perfume, The
  6. Sabbath Bells Are Ringing, The
  7. Sabbath Morn Is Beaming, The
  8. Singing, Glory
  9. Thee I Seek, O Gracious Savior
  10. There Are Bright Little Ones
  11. There Is a Cleansing Fountain
  12. There Is a Crimson Fountain
  13. There Is a Gate That Stands Ajar
  14. There Is a Ladder Great
  15. There Is a Mansion Fair and Bright
  16. There Is a Star of All Most Bright
  17. There Was Love, Deep Love
  18. There’s a Home for the Blest
  19. There’s a Mansion of Rest
  20. There’s a Song of Joy
  21. There’s a Voice That Speaks
  22. There’s a Well in the Desert
  23. There’s Comfort and Peace
  24. There’s Not in the World
  25. Thy Grace Each Moment Give
  26. ’Tis the Blessed Day of Rest
  27. To Jesus, to Jesus
  28. We, a Little Infant Band
  29. We Come, We Come, Dear Savior
  30. We Have Heard There Is a Fountain
  31. We Would Praise Thee and Bless Thee
  32. When My Spirit Is Rent
  33. When Our Hearts Are Sad
  34. When the Flow’rs Are Springing
  35. When the Young in Their Bloom
  36. When Thy Heart Is Sad
  37. When Waves of Trouble o’er Thee Roll
  38. With All Thy Heart, with All Thy Mind
  39. With Earnest Consecration
  40. Would You Please and Honor Jesus?
  41. Ye Lambs of the Flock