April 18, 1862, near Milan, Missouri.

August 22, 1957, Pasadena, California.

Martin’s works include:

  1. As for Me and My House
  2. Carry the Message with You
  3. Christ of the Cross, I Adore Him, The
  4. I Am Leaving Egypt’s Bondage
  5. I Have Such a Dear Loving Savior
  6. I Remember Long Ago
  7. I’m Glad I’m One of Them
  8. In Times of Distress, of Darkness and Gloom
  9. Marvelous Grace of Jesus
  10. Meeting in the Air, The
  11. So Many Dear People Are Troubled Today
  12. There’s a Call Comes Ringing over Land and Sea
  13. When I Fled from Egypt’s Bondage
  14. When the People of God All United Stand
  1. Eastern Gate, The
  2. I’m Glad I’m One of Them
  3. My Sheep Know My Voice