May 3, 1809, Hud­son, New Hamp­shire.

Ju­ly 1, 1890, Hud­son, New Hamp­shire.

Marshall is some­times con­fused with his son, Le­on­ard Bab­bidge Mar­shall (born 1847).

Leonard the eld­er was a voice pu­pil of John Pad­don of Lon­don and har­mon­ist Charles Zeu­ner.

He was prin­ci­pal ten­or so­lo­ist for the Han­del and Hay­dn Soci­e­ty in Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts (cir­ca 1844–50); mu­sic di­rec­tor at the Twelfth Con­gre­ga­tion­al Church, Bos­ton (circa 1836–57); chor­us di­rec­tor at Tr­emont Tem­ple (1857–67); mu­sic di­rec­tor at the Bow­doin Square Bap­tist Church (circa 1867–70); Charles Street Bap­tist Church; Har­vard Street Bap­tist Church (cir­ca 1870–75), and oth­er Boston church­es.

His works in­clude 13 church mu­sic books and:

  1. Another Year Has Gone
  2. Children in the Sun­day School
  3. Christ Doth Love My Wan­der­ing
  4. Delightful Is the Sav­ior’s Voice
  5. Eternity, Eter­ni­ty, O Blest Eter­ni­ty
  6. Ever Gra­cious, Lov­ing Sav­ior
  7. Glad Tid­ings of Great Joy I Bring
  8. God Doth Watch Us On
  9. How Bright, How Glo­ri­ous
  10. Jesus Christ, Our Precious Savior
  11. Jesus Lit­tle Child­ren Loves
  12. New Shrine Stands in Beau­ty Reared, A
  13. Our Sav­ior Through This World
  14. Sabbath School with Joy, The
  15. Savior Now Is Call­ing, The
  16. See the Snow­flakes Fall­ing
  17. Sunday School Is My De­light, The
  18. There Is a Land of Rest
  19. There Is a World Where Je­sus Reigns
  20. ’Tis Sweet to Hear
  21. When I Would Seek the Sav­ior
  22. When We Hear the Mu­sic
  1. Evening Chant
  2. I Gave My Life for Thee
  3. Marshall
  4. Missionary Chant
  5. Nerve
  6. New Year, The
  7. Prayer
  8. Repose
  9. Sabbath