Simeon Bulkley Marsh

June 1, 1798, Sher­burne, New York.

Ju­ly 14, 1875, Al­ba­ny, New York.

Vale Ce­me­te­ry, Sche­nec­ta­dy, New York.

Marsh began sing­ing in a choir at age sev­en, and at age 16 start­ed stu­dy­ing mu­sic.

By 19, he was teach­ing in lo­cal sing­ing schools. Around then, he met Tho­mas Hast­ings, who at the time was teach­ing in Ge­ne­va, New York.

By 1837, Marsh was pub­lish­ing the Am­ster­dam, New York, news­pa­per The In­tel­li­genc­er (lat­er re­named The Re­cord­er). Up­on re­turn­ing to Sher­burne, he found­ed the Sher­burne News.

Marsh taught choirs and child­ren for near­ly 30 years around Al­ba­ny, and served as a Sun­day school su­per­in­ten­dent.

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