Late 19th Century

As of 1901, Marlow was publishing hymnals in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  1. Again We Meet, Again
  2. Be Brave, Be Ever True
  3. Be Ever Kind and Gentle
  4. Birds Are Singing, The
  5. Birds By Singing Serve, The
  6. Children, Children, Should
  7. Children Sing to Him
  8. Christ Arisen from the Grave
  9. Come, Let Us Be Joyful
  10. Day Is Fading Slowly
  11. Father of Mercies, Lead Us
  12. From the Earth in Joy Up
  13. Have You Heard the Shadows?
  14. Have You Listened to the Music?
  15. Hear the Bells of Christmas Chiming
  16. Heavenly Father, Thou Hast Kept Us
  17. Here Again, Our Happy Voices Blending
  18. How Swiftly Glide the Hours
  19. I Was Once a Drop
  20. In the Night’s Serene
  21. In the Silent Hours
  22. In the Woodland
  23. Joy, Joy, Joy Today
  24. Let the Easter Bells Ring Gaily
  25. Little Birdies in the Tree
  26. Little Gifts Your Friends
  27. Morning Star Gleams, The
  28. Never Seed to Blossom
  29. Night Has Departed, The
  30. Nodding Flowerets Close
  31. Now the Golden Sunlight
  32. O Come Away
  33. O Day So Wondrous
  34. O Father of Mercies
  35. O God, We Trust Thee
  36. O Happy Are We
  37. O Robin, Sweet Robin
  38. O See the Blue Waves
  39. O Sound the Cry of Freedom
  40. Onto the Field of Battle
  41. Ring, Ring, Ring
  42. Ring, Ye Bells, O Gaily
  43. Sabbath Bells Are Ringing
  44. Sabbath Bells Are Calling Now, The
  45. Shepherds Were Watching, The
  46. Sing Hosanna, God Is King
  47. Speak the Truth, Be Not Afraid
  48. Spirit of Jesus, Come Dwell
  49. Sunlight Glinting Everywhere
  50. There Are Joys We All Are Sharing
  51. There Is One Who Loves
  52. This Happy Hour Is Soon to Close
  53. Tiny Little Flowers
  54. To the Morning Give
  55. To Thee, O God, Our Song
  56. We Are Happy Children
  57. We Are Happy, Ever Happy
  58. We Are Marching On
  59. We Hail with Joy This Day
  60. We Love the Springtime
  61. Welcome Home, Welcome
  62. We’re Soldiers of Our King
  63. When, O Little Children
  64. When the Springtime’s Gentle
  65. Work Every Moment