July 7, 1787, Geneva, Switzerland.

May 18, 1864, Vandœuvres, Switzerland.

Vandœuvres, Switzerland.


After completing his education, Malan went to Marseilles, France, intending to learn business. But soon after, he entered the Academy at Geneva, in preparation for the ministry, and he was ordained in 1810. He had been appointed one of the masters at the College in the previous year. He was one of the originators of the hymn movement in the French Reformed Church. In addition, he produced numerous tracts and pamphlets, and was an artist and mechanic.

  1. Every Day Will I Bless Thee
  2. Non, ce n’est pas mourir que d’aller vers son Dieu
  1. Boynton
  2. Hendon
  3. Rosefield
  4. Silchester
  5. Welton