April 18, 1817, Weston, Connecticut.

October 5, 1873, Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Son of Joshua Main and Hannah Gilbert, Sylvester started out as a singing school teacher. He later partnered with Lucius Biglow to take over William Bradbury’s business in 1867, forming the well known Biglow & Main publishing house. His son was Hubert Main.

Among the playmates who used to gather on the village green was Sylvester Main, who was two or three years older than I. He was a prime favorite with the gentler sex, for he used to protect us from the annoyances of more mischievous boys. In the autumn of 1834 mother and I left Ridgefield and went to live again in Westchester County [New York]; and I then bade my friend, Sylvester, adieu. Not until thirty years later did we meet again, this time, strangely enough, in the office of William B. Bradbury with whom he was afterwards a business partner; and from 1864 to the time of his death in 1873 we worked together constantly.

Crosby, p. 8

Main’s works include:

  1. Breaking Morn
  2. Brownsville
  3. Living for Jesus
  4. Perez
  5. Phillips