Main & Fanny Crosby

Au­gust 17, 1839, Ridgefield, Con­nec­ti­cut.

Oc­to­ber 7, 1925, Newark, New Jersey.

Bloomfield Ce­me­te­ry, Bloomfield, New Jersey.


Hubert was the son of Syl­ves­ter Main, and husband of Ol­phe­lia Lou­ise De­graff.

He attended singing school until 1854, when he went to New York City and worked as an errand boy in a wallpaper house. In April 1855, he became an errand boy in the Bris­tow & Morse piano company. That same year, he helped his father edit the Sunday School Lute songbook by Isaac Wood­bu­ry.

In 1867, Main was called to fill a position in Will­iam Brad­bury’s publishing house. After Brad­bu­ry’s death in 1868, the Big­low & Main publishers were formed as its successor. In addition to publishing, Main wrote over 1,000 pieces of music—part song, singing school songs, Sunday School music, hymns, anthems, etc.

He also collected music books; in 1891, he sold his collection of over 3,500 volumes to the New­ber­ry Libra­ry in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois, where they were known as the Main Library. Main’s works in­clude:

  1. Amarillo
  2. Armor
  3. Bahamas
  4. Bawardy
  5. Bethlehem
  6. Better World
  7. Blessèd Cross of Jesus
  8. Blessèd Home­land
  9. Bridgeport
  10. Bright For­ev­er, The
  11. Calling to Thee
  12. Carabobo
  13. Carry the Stand­ard Brave­ly
  14. Chennai
  15. Christ, My All
  16. Christ the Sav­ior Born
  17. Colliers Wood
  18. Cordova
  19. Dan
  20. Dili
  21. Ellesdie
  22. Fargo
  23. Firm on the Rock I Stand
  24. Girona
  25. Hallelujah! Je­sus Saves Me
  26. Happy Lit­tle Pil­grims
  27. Hear, and Live!
  28. Hold Thou My Hand
  29. Hubert
  30. I Stood Out­side the Gate
  31. Jesus, Je­sus On­ly
  32. Jewett
  33. Jyväskylä
  34. Kabul
  35. Let Me Lean on Thee
  36. Little Friends of Je­sus
  37. Mishael
  38. Mozambique
  39. My Ain Coun­trie
  40. Noah
  41. O Mor­row Land
  42. Oh, Come To­day
  43. Only Trust the Sav­ior’s Pro­mise
  44. Pontmain
  45. Praise the Rock of Our Sal­va­tion
  46. Pune
  47. Rally, Sol­diers, One and All
  48. Rejoice, Re­joice, Be­lieve­r
  49. Roseville
  50. Saitama
  51. Save Me at the Cross
  52. Silver Spring
  53. Sinaloa
  54. Stanford
  55. Tartu
  56. Tell the Bless­èd News
  57. There’s a Friend That Abides
  58. Thy Word Have I Hid in My Heart
  59. Thy Word Is a Lamp
  60. Up and Away
  61. Valencia
  62. We Shall Meet, By and By
  63. Webster Groves
  64. Weissinger
  65. We’re Tra­vel­ing Home
  66. What a Friend Thou Art to Me!
  67. What a Shout Was Heard!
  68. Yes, There Is Par­don for You