September 15, 1865, Bucksport, Maine.

October 19, 1896, Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon, Portugal, with a monument in Grove Cemetery, Belfast, Maine.

Often misidentified as William, Winfield was the son of Converse C. Macomber and Maria Lewis.

He came to Christ at age 16, then worked distributing materials for the American Bible Society. In 1890, he enrolled at the New York Missionary Training Institute (later renamed Nyack College), and in 1892 went to the Congo for the International Missionary Alliance. He returned to America a year later for health reasons, and in 1894 began teaching the Congolese language at his alma mater. He compiled an English-Fioti grammar and dictionary for use by missionaries, and in 1896 returned to missionary work in the Congo. Once again, ill health forced his departure, but he never made it to America, and succumbed in Portugal.

  1. Christ Is Coming
  2. Held in His Mighty Arms

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