January 15, 1834, Orono, Maine. Note: Julian says 1836; her tombstone says 1834.

July 20, 1899.

Los Gatos Memorial Park, San Jose, California.

In 1837, Frances’ family moved to Foxcroft (now Dover-Foxcroft), Maine, where she grew up. By age 10, she was studying Latin, and had verses published by age 12. The family later moved to Bangor, Maine, where she graduated from high school, and studied German and music with private teachers. In 1855, she married lawyer Benjamin H. Mace of Bangor; in 1885, they moved to San Jose, California. They had eight children, four of whom reached adulthood. Her works include:

  1. In Counting All the Precious Boons
  2. Throw Open the Gates
  3. Waiting