May 23, 1818, Bonhard, Scotland.

April 30, 1895, at his home Ra­vens­brook, in Chisle­hurst, Kent, Eng­land.

With his second wife, Lou­isa Ste­phen, and daughter, Anne Se­ton Mac­duff, in the Chisle­hurst churchyard.

After studying at the University of Ed­in­burgh, Mac­duff in 1842 became parish minister of Ket­tins, For­far­shire; in 1849 of St. Ma­does, Perth­shire; and in 1855 of San­dy­ford, Glas­gow. In 1857 the General Assembly appointed him to its Hymnal Committee.

Macduff received his DD degree from the University of Glas­gow in 1862, and about the same time also from the University of New York. He retired from pastoral work in 1871, and in 1887 was living in Chisle­hurst, Kent. His works include:

  1. Abide with Me, Thou Gracious Guide
  2. Blessed Feast! Most Gracious Token
  3. Burden of Dumah, The
  4. Christ Is Coming!
  5. Christians! Hark! What Heavenly Chorus
  6. Escape from the Perilous Plain
  7. Eternal Rock! To Thee I Flee
  8. Everlasting Arms of Love
  9. From Thy Habitation Holy
  10. Hasten, Lord, That Morn of Glory
  11. How Many Votaries of Earth
  12. I Love to Hear That Voice of Old
  13. Lo, I Am with Thee!
  14. Lord Has Come Down, The
  15. Lord! No Guardian to Defend Me
  16. Mid Arid Sands and Burning Rays
  17. My Savior God! One Loving Gleam
  18. Of Old the Hebrew Prophet Stood
  19. Oh, Do Not, Blessèd Lord, Depart!
  20. O Thou! Who Hast a Temple Shrine
  21. Oft as the Daylight Hours Were Gone
  22. On the Lone bosom of a Lake
  23. Sun’s Last Ray Still Flushed the West, The
  24. Tell Me, O Thou Captive Daughter
  25. ’Tis Done—The World’s Long Night is O’er
  26. What Are These Ethereal Strains?
  27. What Dejected Form is This?
  28. When Far from the Hearts
  29. Where Shall I Look for Holy Calm
  30. While Some Anguished Hearts Were Grieving
  31. Who Is This in Silence Bending
  32. Who Is This That Comes from Edom?
  33. Why Should I Murmur or Repine?
  34. Ye Pilgrim Band, Dispel Your Fears
  35. Ye Ransomed Saints! What Tongue Can Tell?