March 13, 1821, York, England.

March 13, 1886.

Lyth was educated at Mr. Heigham’s Academy in Doncaster, England, and Peter’s School in York. He was then apprenticed to a printer and a dealer in Hull.

Shortly after his older brother went to Fiji as a missionary in 1839, Lyth began serving as a lay preacher, working in Colchester, Stroud, Gloucester, Deptford, Nottingham, Halifax and Burnley. He seems to have done early missionary work in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

Later, he went to Württemberg, Germany, as the first Methodist missionary to Germany; he was General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Methodist community there, 1859–65.

On return from Germany, he began regular circuit work in Great Britain, serving in Sheffield, Hull, and other large towns until 1883, when he retired.

His works include:

  1. There Is a Better World
  2. We Won’t Give Up the Sabbath