July 5, 1818, Dunmow, Essex, England.

May 9, 1871, Camden Town, Middlesex, England. His last words: Now I am going to begin to live.

Abney Park Cemetery, London, England.

Lynch, a minister, was the son of surgeon John Burke Lynch. He pastored at Highgate, Mortimer Street, Grafton Street, and Fitzroy Square, London (1849–56). He was then incapacitated by illness for three years, but starting in 1860 and for the rest of his life, he served on Gower Street and in Hampstead Road, London. His works include:

  1. All Faded Is the Glowing Light
  2. Be Thy Word with Power Fraught
  3. Christ in His Word Draws Near
  4. Dismiss Me Not Thy Service, Lord
  5. Gracious Spirit, Dwell with Me
  6. How Calmly the Evening Once More Is Descending
  7. I Give Myself to Prayer
  8. Lift Up Your Heads, Rejoice
  9. Lord Is Rich and Merciful, The
  10. Lord, on Thy Returning Day
  11. Lord, When in Silent Hours I Muse
  12. Love Me, O Lord, Forgivingly
  13. Mountains by the Darkness Hidden
  14. My Faith, It Is an Oaken Staff
  15. Now Have We Met That We May Ask
  16. O Break My Heart
  17. O Lord, Thou Art Not Fickle
  18. O Where Is He That Trod the Sea?
  19. Oft When of God We Ask
  20. Praying by the River Side
  21. Rise, He Calleth Thee, Arise
  22. Say Not, My Soul, from Whence
  23. There Is Purpose in This Waste
  24. Thousand Years Have Come and Gone, A
  25. Where Is Thy God, My Soul?