Born: Ju­ly 5, 1818, Dun­mow, Es­sex, Eng­land.

Died: May 9, 1871, Cam­den Town, Mid­dle­sex, Eng­land. His last words: Now I am go­ing to be­gin to live.

Buried: Ab­ney Park Ce­me­tery, Lon­don, Eng­land.

Thomas was the son of sur­geon John Burke Lynch.

A min­is­ter, he served pas­tor­ates at High­gate, Mor­ti­mer Street, Graf­ton Street, and Fitz­roy Square, Lon­don (1849–56). He was then in­ca­pa­ci­tat­ed by ill­ness for three years.

But start­ing in 1860, and for the rest of his life, he served on Gow­er Street and in Hamp­stead Road, Lon­don.

His works in­clude:

  1. All Fad­ed Is the Glow­ing Light
  2. Be Thy Word with Pow­er Fraught
  3. Christ in His Word Draws Near
  4. Dismiss Me Not Thy Ser­vice, Lord
  5. Gracious Spir­it, Dwell with Me
  6. How Calm­ly the Ev­en­ing Once More Is Des­cend­ing
  7. I Give My­self to Pray­er
  8. Lift Up Your Heads, Re­joice
  9. Lord Is Rich and Mer­ci­ful, The
  10. Lord, on Thy Re­turn­ing Day
  11. Lord, When in Si­lent Hours I Muse
  12. Love Me, O Lord, For­giv­ing­ly
  13. Mountains by the Dark­ness Hid­den
  14. My Faith, It Is an Oak­en Staff
  15. Now Have We Met That We May Ask
  16. O Break My Heart
  17. O Lord, Thou Art Not Fic­kle
  18. O Where Is He That Trod the Sea?
  19. Oft When of God We Ask
  20. Praying by the Ri­ver Side
  21. Rise, He Call­eth Thee, Arise
  22. Say Not, My Soul, from Whence
  23. There Is Pur­pose in This Waste
  24. Thousand Years Have Come and Gone, A
  25. Where Is Thy God, My Soul?