June 21, 1824, Warren, Rhode island.

July 16, 1907, Sao Paulo, Brazil. At the time of his death he was living with his daughter Anne, and her husband William Bagby, the first Southern Baptist missionaries to Brazil.

North Belton Cemetery, Belton, Texas.

John was the son of Joseph Hill Luther and Marvell, and husband of Ann Jaudon Luther. In 1886, he became the first president of Baylor Female College in Belton, Texas.

  1. Child’s Prayer, The
  2. I Shall Hear It on That Morning
  3. It Is Not Far
  4. May Song
  5. My Texas Song
  6. Not Far from Heaven’s Gate
  7. O for Peace, the Poor Man Crieth
  8. Our Country for Jesus
  9. Soldier’s Song, The