May 17, 1847, Worcester, Massachusetts.

November 4, 1924, Farmingdale, New York.

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York.


Luther attended Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, and was a journalist and lay evangelist before being ordained a Baptist minister in 1886. He served at the First Baptist Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut (1891–93). His wife was Emma Isadora Shaw (1849–1932). Luther wrote about 25 hymns, and compiled Temple Chimes.

His obituary in the Brooklyn Eagle, 6 Nov 1924, page 22, reportedly stated that he was a lineal descendant of Martin Luther and of Charles Carroll, a signer of the American Declaration of Independence.

  1. All Down the Ages Sounding
  2. All Glory to God in the Highest
  3. All Glory to Jesus, Sin’s Debt Is All Paid
  4. All the Way Home My Savior Is Guiding
  5. Awake, Ye Saints, the Night Is Ending
  6. Beautiful Beckoning Hands
  7. Christ Is Coming, O the Promise Given Us
  8. Christ Is Coming! Promise Glorious
  9. Come, Holy Spirit, Source of Light
  10. Deep Mired in Sin, and Dark the Night
  11. Draw Near, O God, to Me
  12. Gathering Home from Every Land
  13. Going Away Redeemed Tonight
  14. Going Away Unsaved Tonight
  15. Going Home, How Bright, How Glorious
  16. Hallelujah for the Fountain Deep and Wide
  17. Hark, the Savior Calls to Thee
  18. Heavenly Father, for Large Blessing
  19. Heavenly Father, Give Thy Spirit
  20. Ho, Ye Reapers, to the Harvest
  21. I Am with Thee Every Hour
  22. I Have Found in Christ My Savior
  23. Jesus Is Tenderly Calling, Wanderer
  24. Jesus, My Lord, Has Heard My Cry
  25. Must I Go, and Empty Handed?
  26. Nearer Home, O Blessed Thought
  27. O Precious Story, Ever New
  28. O We Shall Meet Beyond the Tide
  29. O Where Are the Dear Ones We Never Forget?
  30. Others Beside, O Joyful Assurance
  31. So Near to the Kingdom, and Yet Thou Dost Lack
  32. Swiftly Approaching and Coming to All
  33. When We All Get Home

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