March 12, 1826, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

November 25, 1899, Plainfield, New Jersey.

Hillside Cemetery, Plainfield, New Jersey.

Robert Lowry (1826-1899)

Lowry attended the University at Lewisburg (now Bucknell University), where he became a professor of literature. He was ordained as a Baptist minister and pastored at West Chester, Pennsylvania; Bloomingdale Baptist Church, New York City; Hanson Place Baptist Church, Brooklyn, New York; First Baptist Church, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania; and Park Avenue Baptist Church, Plainfield, New Jersey. He also worked as a music editor at the Biglow and Main Publishing Company, and helped found the Sixth Avenue Baptist Church in New York City. He wrote about 500 Gospel tunes, and jointly edited:

Lowry married Anna Rhees Loxley (1824-1890) and Mary Jane Runyon (1852-1941), and had three children: Harry Moore Lowry, Wheaton Smith Lowry, and Robert Hanson Lowry.

  1. Angel’s Song, The
  2. Awake, Ye Soldiers
  3. Chorus of Fire
  4. Coming By and By
  5. Happy Songs
  6. How Can I Keep from Singing?
  7. Jesus Is Born
  8. Jesus Is My Savior
  9. Lead Them to Thee
  10. Let the Children Praise Him
  11. Low in the Grave He Lay
  12. Marching On!
  13. My Soul Shall Rest in Hope
  14. My Soul Will Overcome
  15. None but Jesus
  16. Nothing but the Blood
  17. O Worship the Lord
  18. Only One Name
  19. Praise Ye the Lord
  20. Prayer Song
  21. Resting in the Lord
  22. Shall We Gather at the River?
  23. Stand Fast
  24. Take the Promise
  25. Watch and Pray
  26. We Are Pilgrims of a Day
  27. We’ll Meet Each Other There
  28. When the Morning Light
  29. Where Is My Boy Tonight?
  1. All the Way
  2. Angel of the Lord, The
  3. At the Cross There’s Room
  4. Baghdad
  5. Beaumont
  6. Beautiful Land of Rest
  7. Blacksburg
  8. Bologna
  9. Bor
  10. Bordeaux
  11. Brasília
  12. Burr
  13. Dear Savior, Take Us Home
  14. Entreat Me Not to Leave Thee
  15. Follow On
  16. Glad Tidings
  17. Glory in the Highest!
  18. Guadalajara
  19. Hanson Place
  20. Heavenly Father
  21. Here Is Love
  22. Hide Thou Me
  23. Holy Spirit, Teacher Thou
  24. Home at Last
  25. It Is I
  26. Jesus Our Blessèd Redeemer
  27. Keep the Banner Flying
  28. Kiev
  29. La Vista
  30. Let Heaven with Music Ring
  31. Liechtenstein
  32. Like Gentle Dew
  33. Marching to Zion
  34. Marseille
  35. Mistakes of My Life, The
  36. Need
  37. Never Shone a Light So Fair!
  38. No Hope in Jesus
  39. Not Yet
  40. Oh, How Sweet When We Mingle
  41. One More Day’s Work
  42. Overflowing Ever
  43. Paxtang
  44. Peace upon Earth
  45. Port Harcourt
  46. Queensland
  47. Resting By and By
  48. Riga
  49. River of Life
  50. Room for the Penitent
  51. Santos
  52. Sahara
  53. Shall We Know Each Other There?
  54. Shout Aloud, All Ye Lands
  55. Sicilia
  56. So Near to the Kingdom
  57. Something for Jesus
  58. Star of the Morning
  59. Stevenson
  60. Swelling of Jordan, The
  61. Take the Wings of the Morning
  62. Taylor
  63. Tunisia
  64. Venezuela
  65. Wake Every Tuneful String
  66. When the Comforter Came
  67. Who’ll Be the Next?
  68. Wholly Thine
  69. Zaragoza