March 26, 1919, Rutherfordton, North Carolina.

April 25, 2010.

Wellshire Memorial Gardens, Denver, Colorado.

Lovelace at­tend­ed High Point Col­lege, High Point, North Car­o­li­na (AB 1939 & MusD) and Un­ion The­o­lo­gic­al Sem­in­ary, New York Ci­ty (MSM 1941, DSM 1950).

He served con­gre­ga­tions in North Car­o­lina; Ev­an­ston, Il­li­nois; Un­ion The­o­log­ic­al Sem­ina­ry; Dal­las, Tex­as; and Den­ver, Col­o­ra­do.

He taught at the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Ne­bras­ka; Queens Col­lege, Char­lotte, North Car­o­li­na; Da­vid­son Col­lege, Da­vid­son, North Car­o­li­na; Gar­rett The­o­log­ic­al Sem­in­ary, Ev­an­ston, Il­li­nois; Un­ion The­o­log­ic­al Sem­in­a­ry; Il­iff School of The­ol­o­gy, Den­ver, Col­o­ra­do; and Tem­ple Bu­ell Col­lege, Den­ver, Col­o­ra­do.

He also served as the first pres­i­dent of the Na­tion­al Fel­low­ship of Meth­od­ist Mu­si­cians, as pre­s­ident of the Hymn So­ci­e­ty in Amer­i­ca and Can­a­da, and vice-pres­i­dent of the Chor­is­ters Guild. In 1966, he chaired the tune com­mit­tee for the Unit­ed Meth­od­ist Book of Hymns. His works in­clude:

  1. Hinman
  2. Mustard Seed
  3. Pisgah

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