June 18, 1819, Portland, Maine.

October 3, 1892, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Western Cemetery, Portland, Maine.


Younger brother of poet Henry Longfellow, Samuel attended both Harvard College and Cambridge Divinity School. Ordained a Unitarian minister, he served churches in Fall River, Massachusetts (1848); Brooklyn, New York (1853); and Germantown, Pennsylvania (1860). His works include:

  1. Again, as Evening’s Shadow Falls
  2. Beneath the Shadow of the Cross
  3. Eternal One, Thou Living God
  4. Father, Give Thy Benediction
  5. Go Forth to Life, O Child of Earth
  6. God of Ages and of Nations
  7. God of the Earth, the Sky, the Sea!
  8. God’s Trumpet Wakes the Slumbering World
  9. Holy Spirit, Source of Gladness
  10. Holy Spirit, Truth Divine
  11. I Look to Thee in Every Need
  12. In the Beginning Was the Word
  13. Light of Ages and of Nations
  14. Lo, the Earth Is Risen Again
  15. Love for All!
  16. Loving Friend to All Who Bowed, The
  17. Now, on Land and Sea Descending
  18. Now While We Sing Our Closing Psalm
  19. Now with Creation’s Morning Song
  20. O God, in Whom We Live and Move
  21. O God, Thou Giver of All Good
  22. O God, Thy Children Gathered Here
  23. O Life That Makest All Things New
  24. O Still in Accents Sweet and Strong
  25. O Thou in Whom We Live and Move
  26. O Thou Whose Liberal Sun and Rain
  27. One Holy Church of God Appears
  28. Out of the Dark, the Circling Sphere
  29. Peace, Peace on Earth!
  30. Sing We Now Our Hymns of Gladness
  31. Sweet June Days Are Come Again, The
  32. Thou Lord of Life, Our Saving Health
  33. ’Tis Winter Now, the Fallen Snow
  34. Voice by Jordan’s Shore, A