February 17, 1862, Van Wert, Ohio.

March 7, 1950, San Bernardino County, California.

Bellevue Memorial Park, Ontario, California.


Daughter of William A. Clark and Lydia Ann Baker, Princess attended high school in Van Wert and Fort Wayne, Indiana. She studied for the operatic stage in Chicago, Illinois, and Cleveland, Ohio. Princess was Raised a Methodist, but when she married Edward Clarence Long in November 1887 and moved to Paris, Kentucky, she joined his denomination, the Disciples of Christ. She became a Christian in 1888, and moved to California in 1896. She gave up opera and went into evangelism, becoming a well known soprano soloist, and sang at the denomination’s centennial convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1909. Her works include:

  1. Christ Was There
  2. Upper Room, The
  1. Christ Was There
  2. End of the Way, The
  3. Upper Room, The
  4. What We Stand For

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