Early 20th Century
  1. America, of Her We Sing
  2. Flash the Light of Truth Along
  3. Go Out in the Highways
  4. I Am Going Back to Jesus
  5. Joyful Songs We Sing
  6. Love That Is Never Failing
  7. My Heart Is Filled with Peace and Love
  8. Our Joyful Songs We’ll Sing in Praise
  9. Pure Water, Cold Water
  10. Silent Night, Hallowed Night
  11. Sing the Song
  12. Soldier Boys and Girls Are We
  13. The Christ Is King o’er All the World
  14. There Is a Song I Love to Sing
  15. Walking with Jesus
  16. We Are Little Children
  17. We Are Marching on to Battle
  18. When the World Seems Cold and Dreary
  19. With Our Banners Waving High in the Light
  20. You’ve a Friend Who’s Interceding