Oc­to­ber 6, 1819, Lambeth, Eng­land.

June 17, 1904, Canterbury, Eng­land.

Harbledown church yard (near Canterbury), Kent, Eng­land.

Dr. Longhurst used to relate the following anecdote concerning himself and one of the Ca­thed­ral vergers:—Some years ago, a certain Canon of the Ca­thed­ral sent one of the vergers to me while I was playing the opening voluntary, with a message to inform me that, as there was only one Minor Canon present that (Sunday) morning, he (the Canon) would chant the Litany. And, said the verger, would you give him the note? Certainly, I replied. To my surprise the verger still lingered on the steps. All right, A—, I said. He still remained stationary, and at length made the innocent inquiry: Please sir, shall I wait for it?

This was the same verger who when describing the new organ to some visitors pointed upwards and told them that the new hargin was put up in the Trifolium; that the connection between the console and the hargin was done by helectrics; and the whole thing was set in motion by hydraulic water!

West, p. 13

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