October 20, 1892, Kalamazoo, Michigan. His birth name was Harold Loes. He took the middle name Dixon from Dr. A. C. Dixon, pastor of Moody Church.

February 9, 1965, Chicago, Illinois.


Harry was the son of Fred Loes and Lou­ise No­vak, and husband of Gar­net Leo­nard (married 1924).

He studied at the Moo­dy Bible Institute, Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois; the Amer­i­can Conservatory of Music; the Metropolitan School of Music; and the Chi­ca­go Musical College.

From 1927–39, he served in musical positions in Bapt­ist churches in Ok­mul­gee and Mus­ko­gee, Ok­la­homa. From 1939 to retirement, he served on the music faculty at the Moo­dy Bible Institute.

  1. All Things in Jesus
  2. At the Judgment Bar
  3. Be a Faithful Witness for Your Lord
  4. Blessed the Nation Whose God
  5. By Sin I Was Blinded, I Could Not Believe
  6. Child of God Has a New Heart, A
  7. Columbus Discovered America
  8. Cross of Christ Was Near a Garden, The
  9. Crusade with Christ, Our Watchword True
  10. Dark Are the Clouds of Sin and Temptation
  11. Day by Day to Jesus
  12. Delay No Longer, My Brother
  13. Even a Child Can Understand
  14. Every Boy and Girl Needs
  15. Everywhere I Go, God Is Always
  16. Every Moment of the Day
  17. Firm Do You Stand for Christ Your Savior
  18. For What the World May Offer Me
  19. Forward with Christ Goes Christian Youth
  20. Go Ye into All the World
  21. God Is in the Shadows
  22. God Is Love, to the World He Sent His Son
  23. God Is My Sure Protection
  24. God Is Not Only in Church
  25. Gospel of Christ, The
  26. Great Are the Beauties That Nature Affords Us
  27. Great Is the Joy as the Gospel
  28. Have the People in Your Neighborhood
  29. Have You Heard How They Crucified My Lord?
  30. Have You Reached the Brink Tonight?
  31. Have You Within Your Hearts the Secret?
  32. He Came a Lowly Stranger
  33. He Satisfies Me So!
  34. Here’s to Wish You a Merry Christmas
  35. His Mighty Love
  36. How Did Moses Cross the Sea?
  37. How We Like to Sing
  38. I Am Resting, Sweetly Resting
  39. I Am Trusting in the Christ
  40. I Can Read It in the Bible
  41. I Do Not Understand the Varied Ways of Life
  42. I Fell in Love with Jesus
  43. I Have Peace in My Heart That the World Cannot Give
  44. I Know and Love the Bible
  45. I Know That God Will Hear a Child
  46. I Like to Sing the Story
  47. I Love Him Because Jesus First
  48. I Read Within the Book of Sacred Page
  49. I Shall Be Like Him
  50. I Stand Before the Blood Stained Cross
  51. I Trust My Heavenly Father
  52. I Want to Be a Happy Helper
  53. I Want to Be in the World
  54. I Want to Be More Than Just
  55. I Want to Learn of Christ My Savior
  56. I Was a Sinner, Far From God
  57. I Was Lost When Jesus in Faithfulness Sought Me
  58. I Would Rather Walk with God
  59. I’d Rather Be Alone with Jesus
  60. If God Be for Us
  61. If in Life You Would Have Peace
  62. If You Are Saved, Go Tell
  63. If You Want to Be on the Winning Side
  64. I’m Always Glad When Christmas
  65. I’m Always Glad When Sunday Comes
  66. I’m Gonna Rise to Heaven with Jesus
  67. I’m Happy on the Way
  68. I’m Longing to See Him
  69. In a Bethlehem Manger a Baby
  70. In a Good Place
  71. In My Heart There’s a Wondrous Melody
  72. In the Morning, Alone with Your Master
  73. In the Ranks of Christian Workers
  74. In This Needy World There Is Much to Do
  75. Is Your Heart Burdened, O Christian?
  76. It Takes Faith to Sing
  77. It Was Centuries Ago That to Earth Jesus Came
  78. It Was for You That Jesus Died
  79. It Was His Love
  80. I’ve a Peace That Passeth Understanding
  81. I’ve Enlisted in the Army of Jehovah
  82. I’ve Listened to the Gospel Story
  83. Jesus Has the Keys to My Heart
  84. Jesus Is Calling for Soldiers Today
  85. Jesus Loves the Little Ones
  86. Just Because He Loved Me So
  87. Just Beyond the Clouds of Gray
  88. Just Let Him Shine Through
  89. Just Now Is the Time
  90. Keep Jesus First in Your Life
  91. Let Every Happy Christian Join in Singing Now
  92. Let the Children Come unto Me
  93. Let Us Run with Patience the Race That’s Set
  94. Let’s Keep Marching on with Jesus
  95. Life Has Taken on a Different Meaning
  96. Little Bells of Christmas
  97. Long Ago, Long Ago
  98. Looking unto Jesus, in Faith I Came
  99. Man Looketh on the Outward
  100. Many and Great Are the Armies
  101. Many Have Crossed the Land and Sea
  102. My Heart Is Filled with Joy Today
  103. My Name Is Johnny Anderson
  104. Name Above All Names, A
  105. Never Came the Call More Clear
  106. Not by Any Works of Mine
  107. Not Only in Trouble Would I Found in Prayer
  108. O Heaven Is a Place of Beauty
  109. O I Don’t Want to Go
  110. O the Love That Saved My Soul
  111. Often Have I Wondered Why the King of Glory
  112. Once a Lawyer Asked the Master
  113. Once Walking by the Sea of Galilee
  114. Our God Has Many Helpers
  115. Praying for Revival
  116. Ready Am I, Ready to Stay
  117. Savior Came From Heaven to Die on Calvary, The
  118. Shine for Jesus Where You Are
  119. Since Jesus Pardoned and Saved Me
  120. Sing a Happy Gospel Song
  121. Sing, Boys and Girls
  122. Sing Your Cares Away
  123. Sinner, Lost, Condemned Was I, A
  124. Smile, Smile, Don’t Let Trouble
  125. Some Day I’ll Sing
  126. Stars That Shine Bright in the Heavens, The
  127. Story of the Cross Where Jesus Died, The
  128. Sunshine Does Wonderful Things
  129. There Are Many Ways into Heaven
  130. There Is a Haven Safe and Sure
  131. There Is a Season of the Year
  132. There Is Much I Can Do for Jesus
  133. There Is So Much I Like in Church
  134. There’s a Day in Sunday School
  135. There’s a Place on Sunday Morning
  136. There’s a Song of Joy I Love
  137. There’s a Song Within Me Springing Night and Day
  138. There’s Wonderful Joy in My Heart
  139. They Crucified My Savior
  140. Thousand Times I’ve Said, A
  141. Thy Word Have I Hid in My Heart
  142. Today Is Jesus’ Birthday
  143. ’Twas Jesus’ Blood
  144. We Are Marching in the Army
  145. We Are Praying, Lord
  146. We Have Gathered in the Name
  147. What Am I Doing for Jesus?
  148. What Shall It Profit a Man?
  149. When Christ, the Blest Redeemer
  150. When Days Are Weary and Life Seems in Vain
  151. When I Don’t Think I Need
  152. When I Pray for Others
  153. When I Start Telling What the Lord Has Done
  154. When I Think How the Lord of Heaven
  155. When on Christ You Believed
  156. When Sorrows Flow Like a River So Deep
  157. When You Testify, Tell What God Did
  158. Where Are You Going Today?
  159. Wherever I Go, God’s Eye
  160. Who Alone Can Save
  161. Wonderful Love of Jesus
  162. You Ask Me How I Know the Savior’s Love
  163. You This Question Have Heard
  164. Youth Marches Onward with Christ
  1. Blessed Redeemer
  2. Jesus Won My Heart
  3. Lake Champlain
  4. Looking unto Jesus
  5. Love Found a Way
  6. More Than a Friend