January 11, 1821, London, England.

September 28, 1906, Branchville, New Jersey.

Branchville Cemetery, Branchville, New Jersey.


Lloyd seems to have lived his younger years in and around the English/Welsh border (possibly the Knighton and Radnorshire area). He served in the Congregational Church, then emigrated to America about 1850. He labored himself to sickness after arrival, then returned to England in 1855 to recuperate. After returnint to America, he took a post at the First Presbyterian Church of Branchville, New Jersey, as Stated supply (1857-61). He became the church’s first regularly-installed pastor on November 21, 1861. He served in the Presbytery of Newark (and later Rockaway), New Jersey.

When the American civil war began, Lloyd was a staunch Unionist and so preached, to the annoyance of many southern sympathizers. He was shot at in the pulpit one day, but the bullet missed when the sexton knocked the gunman’s arm upward. Lloyd endured many other attacks as well, and later, the Congregation was split over his pastorship. In 1865, he published a booklet called The Devil in Dixie, a long verse about the evils he saw in the Confederacy. It came out right after president Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, and was not widely purchased.

Lloyd went on to serve pastorates in Escanaba, Michigan; Horicon, Wisconsin; and Moingona, Iowa. In the 1880s, he was asked to return to pastor in Branchville. He wrote, spoke, preached and presided in peace and honor until his death. His works include:

  1. Christians, Onward to the Fray
  2. Come Near Me
  3. Come, Weary Wanderer, Spent and Distressed
  4. Hear, Troubled Soul, Though the Hurricane’s Roaring
  5. I Cannot Sing as Angels Sing
  6. Life, Life, Eternal Life
  7. O Crown of Life, O Dazzling
  8. O Rock of My Salvation, I’m Safe
  9. Prophet by Divine Command, The
  10. Star, the Star of Bethlehem, The
  11. Way of the Cross May Be, The
  12. Wonderful Story I Read in His Word, The
  13. There Is a Way but Little Trod