Early 20th Century

Before 1860.

After 1957.

Hayden’s works began to appear in print around 1855. An 1875 publication listed him as a professor of vocal music in Champaign, Illinois. As of 1958, he was an elder of the Salem Pres­by­ter­i­an Church, Vendocia, Ohio.

  1. All for Me
  2. Always Near
  3. Children Now with Songs
  4. I Am So Thankful Our Father
  5. Lead Me, O Thou Precious Savior
  6. O Not Alone, When Like a Bird
  7. O That Land, That Golden Land
  8. O Wanderer, Be Wise While God
  9. Once I Was a Wanderer
  10. Savior, I would be happy
  11. Say, Is Your Lamp Burning?
  12. Shall I Not Live for Jesus?
  13. Sowing the Seed by the Daylight Fair
  14. To God, Who Spared Me Through
  15. Who Will Tell the Sweet Old Story?