Early 20th Century

Before 1860.

After 1957.

Hayden’s works began to appear in print around 1855. An 1875 publication listed him as a professor of vocal music in Champaign, Illinois. As of 1958, he was an elder of the Salem Presbyterian Church, Vendocia, Ohio.

  1. All for Me
  2. Always Near
  3. Children Now with Songs
  4. I Am So Thankful Our Father
  5. Lead Me, O Thou Precious Savior
  6. O Not Alone, When Like a Bird
  7. O That Land, That Golden Land
  8. O Wanderer, Be Wise While God
  9. Once I Was a Wanderer
  10. Savior, I would be happy
  11. Say, Is Your Lamp Burning?
  12. Shall I Not Live for Jesus?
  13. Sowing the Seed by the Daylight Fair
  14. To God, Who Spared Me Through
  15. Who Will Tell the Sweet Old Story?