1873, Cleveland, Arkansas.

1955, Waco, Texas.

Little was the son of Thomas Bunyon Little and Nancy Adeline Tolson, and husband to Willie Maud Little. His works include:

  1. All the Way, All the Way
  2. Bowed Beneath a Load of Care
  3. Christ Is More Than All the World to Me
  4. Come Across the Line, My Brother
  5. Come Out, My Brother, on the Lord’s Side
  6. Come to Jesus, Bring Thy Sorrows
  7. Come to Jesus, Weary Wanderer
  8. Come to This Fountain, So Rich and So Sweet
  9. Come, Weary Wanderer, O Come and Be Saved
  10. Come, Ye Weary, Wayworn Pilgrims
  11. Drifting Away, as Swift Pass the Years
  12. Each Day My Faith in Christ Grows Stronger
  13. Farewell, Dear Mother, I’m Ready to Go
  14. Father I Come to Thee, Bless Me Now
  15. Few More Years of Toil and Pain, A
  16. For My Sins My Savior Died
  17. From Out Beyond the Shores
  18. Gently Down Life’s River We Glide
  19. Go to Jesus, Weary Sinner
  20. Go to the Mountains So Dark and Cold
  21. Hear the Blessed Invitation
  22. He’s Mighty to Save
  23. I Am Thinking Today of My Mother
  24. I Know There’s a Home Up in Heaven for Me
  25. I Want to Live for Jesus and Do His Holy Will
  26. If You Want a Friend to Help You
  27. I’m Never Alone, What a Glorious Thought
  28. In My Father’s House Are Many, Many Mansions
  29. Is There Trouble Anywhere?
  30. I’ve a Joy Akin to Heaven
  31. I’ve Surrendered All to Jesus
  32. Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All
  33. Jesus, My Savior, Is Precious to Me
  34. Jesus, My Savior, Thou Blest Rock of Ages
  35. Let Me Hide Myself
  36. Let Us Join in Songs of Praise
  37. Let Us Spread the Blessed Gospel
  38. Lord Almighty Is His Name, The
  39. Master Is Come, The
  40. Naught That I Had Done
  41. O Praise the Lord for Saving Grace
  42. O’er the Rugged Path of Life We Go
  43. Precious Savior over Life’s Valley
  44. Savior Bids You Come Today, The
  45. Savior Divine, All Earthly Friends Excelling
  46. Savior Is Calling, The
  47. Sometimes I Am Weary and Lone
  48. There Is Blessed Sunlight Beaming
  49. There Is Joy Within My Soul Today
  50. There Is Pardon in the Cross of Jesus
  51. There Is Peace Within My Heart
  52. There’s a Blessed Home Just Beyond the Rolling Tide
  53. Though Long Be the Pathway and Weary My Feet
  54. Though the Storm Rage High
  55. We Are Little Gospel Messengers of Life
  56. We Are Pilgrims Pressing
  57. What a Joy It Will Be
  58. When My Heart Is Sad and Lonely
  59. When My Heart Is Sad and Weary
  60. When My Life Is Bending
  61. When Sorrows Thickly Gather O’er Me
  62. When the Clouds of Sorrow O’er You Roll
  63. When the Days of Life Are Ended
  64. When the Heart Is Sad and the Burdens Heavy
  65. When the Shadows Gather o’er My Way
  66. When You Feel That You Could Never Shed a Tear
  67. Wherever I Roam in This Sin Cursed World
  68. Why Should I Live in These Sorrows and Tears
  69. Wonderful Love, the Love of Jesus