1771, Doncaster, Yorkshire, Eng­land.

September 13, 1800, at his mother’s house in Doncaster.

Doncaster, Yorkshire, Eng­land.

Blind from birth, Linley studied with Edward Miller, organist at Doncaster Parish Church, and later (being the successful candidate among 17 competitors) became organist of St. James Chapel, Pentonville, London. He married a well-to-do blind lady, and around 1797 they purchased Bland’s music business in Holborn, which was unsuccessful. He was also for some time music agent for John Watlen of Edinburgh. After sustaining great financial losses through the treachery of a friend, and subsequently made a voyage to America (being succeeded by as chapel organist by William Hodsoll), where his performances and compositions brought him some notice. He returned to Doncaster in 1799.

  1. Humble Praises
  2. Pentonville