November 19, 1885, Stord Island, Norway.

August 18, 1959, Aspen, Colorado.

Forest Hill Cemetery, Kansas City, Missouri.


Lillenas emigrated to America as a child; his family settled first in South Dakota, then moved to Oregon in 1889. He attended Deets Pacific Bible College in Los Angeles, California (later renamed to Pasadena College); studied music at the Siegel-Myers School of Music in Chicago, Illinois; and received an honorary Doctor of Music degree from Olivet Nazarene College. His first pastorate was in Lompoc, California, in 1910; he later pastored in Redlands, California, and Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1924, he founded the Lillenas Music Company (bought by the Nazarene Publishing Company in 1930), and worked as an editor there until retiring in 1950.

Haldor married Bertha Mae Wilson, a songwriter like himself. He and Bertha were elders in the Church of the Nazarene. Haldor traveled as an evangelist, then pastored several churches, 1914–24. In his lifetime, he wrote some 4,000 hymns, and supplied songs for many evangelists. His works include:

  1. Abundant Entrance, An
  2. After the Day Is Ended
  3. After the Shadows Cometh the Sunshine
  4. All on the Altar, Nothing Reserving
  5. All That I Want Is in Jesus
  6. All to Thee, My Blessed Savior
  7. Almost Too Good to Be True
  8. Altogether Lovely
  9. Anchored Fast
  10. And Yet There Is Room
  11. Anywhere with Jesus It Is All Right
  12. Are You Denying the Master?
  13. Are You Distressed on Life’s Weary Road?
  14. Are You Ready for the Judgment Day?
  15. As the Mighty Rolling Tide of the Ocean
  16. Beautiful Crowns
  17. Beautiful Gates of Gold, The
  18. Bells of Peace, The
  19. Bible Stands, The
  20. Bless Me, Father, Ere I Go
  21. Blessed Voice of Jesus, The
  22. Blood Covers All of My Sin, The
  23. Blotted Out and Gone
  24. Born Again, Redeemed from Sin
  25. Break Forth and Sing of Christ the King
  26. Can It Be That My Soul Is Dying?
  27. Can You Turn from the Friend Who Loves You?
  28. Cause of Righteousness, The
  29. Christmas Bells Are Chiming over All the Earth
  30. Church of God, Awaken
  31. Climbing Up the Hills of God
  32. Close to the Heart of Jesus
  33. Close to Thy Heart
  34. Closer Fellowship, A
  35. Closer Walk with Thee, A
  36. Come Just as You Are
  37. Come Over into Canaan
  38. Come, While the Door Is Open
  39. Comforter Has Come to Abide, The
  40. Consolation
  41. Creeds There Are Unnumbered
  42. Dainty Flowers, Leafy Bowers
  43. Dear Old Bible, The
  44. Do You Think He Will Leave You Alone?
  45. Don’t Turn Him Away
  46. Dusky Hands
  47. Emptied of Self
  48. Eternally He Is the Same
  49. Every Passing Moment
  50. Exceeding Abundant
  51. Faithful Little Workers
  52. Far Away from My Friends
  53. Far I Have Wandered
  54. Fellowship of Friends on Earth, The
  55. Fire of Pentecost, The
  56. Forward to Battle
  57. Fountain That Never Runs Dry
  58. Fullness of the Blessing, The
  59. Garden of My Heart, The
  60. Gathered in an Upper Chamber
  61. Give Me the Dear Old Bible
  62. Give Us a New Touch of Fire
  63. Glad Invitation Is Ringing Today, A
  64. Glorious Freedom
  65. Glorious Redeemer Is the Savior of Mankind
  66. God Is Able to Save the Lost
  67. God Was There
  68. God with Us, Is the Name of Our King
  69. God’s Grace Divine Shall Ever Safely Guide Me
  70. God’s Guiding Hand
  71. God’s Love Can Never Fail
  72. Golden Bells of Welcome, The
  73. Good-Bye, Till We Meet
  74. Great Atonement, The
  75. Great Coronation Day, The
  76. Great Is the Boundless Love of the Savior
  77. Great Is the Lord of the Earth and Sky
  78. Great Judgment Day, The
  79. Happy Christian Children Are We
  80. Has the Comforter Come to Abide?
  81. Have You Received the Blessing?
  82. Have You Thought?
  83. He Has Called Me by My Name
  84. He Is a Savior of Love
  85. He Is Coming
  86. He Is Divine
  87. He Is Mine
  88. He Is Real to Me
  89. He Is the Rose of Sharon
  90. He Remembers Your Prayers
  91. He Saved Me
  92. He Set Me Free
  93. He Shall Return
  94. He Took Me In
  95. He Will Carry You Through
  96. Heaven Is in My Soul
  97. Higher Than the Mountain
  98. Highlands of Canaan, The
  99. His Grace Is Keeping Me
  100. Holy Spirit, Breathe upon Us
  101. Holy Spirit, God Most Holy
  102. How Rich Is the Mercy and Grace
  103. I Am Determined to Follow Jesus
  104. I Am Rejoicing in Jesus, He Who from Sin
  105. I Am Rejoicing in Jesus Today
  106. I Am Not Only Saved from Sin
  107. I Am Resting, Sweetly Resting
  108. I Am Singing and Rejoicing Every Passing Day
  109. I Am So Happy in Jesus
  110. I Am Walking Day by Day
  111. I Believe That the Bible
  112. I Came unto Jesus Confessing My Sin
  113. I Cannot Choose the Path That I Would Tread
  114. I Come to Thee, Thou Living Lord
  115. I Have Been Saved by the Power of Jesus
  116. I Have Fixed My Eyes on the Things on High
  117. I Have Found a Deep Peace
  118. I Have Found a Precious Resting Place
  119. I Have Left the Land of Night
  120. I Have Many Reasons for Loving the Lord
  121. I Have Settled the Question
  122. I Have the Blessing Still
  123. I Know
  124. I Know a Name
  125. I Know It
  126. I Lost the World
  127. I Remember Mother’s Prayers
  128. I Serve Him Because I Love Him
  129. I Shall See Him Face to Face
  130. I Shall Stand One Day at the Great White Throne
  131. I Sing of Grace So Full and Free
  132. I Turn to Jesus
  133. I Was Lost in Sin but Jesus Took Me In
  134. I Will Arise and Go to My Father
  135. I Will Say Yes
  136. If the Way Seems Long and Weary
  137. If You Lose Your Soul
  138. If You Would a Blessing Be
  139. If Your Soul Is Lost
  140. I’ll Never Let Go of Jesus
  141. I’m Determined
  142. I’m Going to My Home
  143. I’m Hiding in Jesus
  144. In a World Where Life is a Fleeting Thing
  145. In Christ My Lord My Need’s All Abundantly Supplied
  146. In the Battles for the Lord
  147. In the Beulah Land
  148. In the Dark Heathen Night They Are Dwelling
  149. In the Fields of Labor
  150. In the Harbor Land
  151. In the Homeland
  152. In the Vineyard of the Lord Are Many Workers
  153. In Your Search for Wealth and the Gleam of Gold
  154. Is Anything Too Good for Jesus?
  155. It Fills and It Thrills
  156. It Was Jesus Who Set Me Free
  157. Jesus Can
  158. Jesus Once Came to Earth
  159. Jesus Only Is the World’s Great Need
  160. Jesus Rolls the Clouds Away
  161. Jesus Will Walk with Me
  162. Judge Is at the Door, The
  163. Judgment Day Is Coming
  164. Just to Trust in Jesus
  165. King of Peace Is He
  166. Launch Out
  167. Leave Your Burden at the Place of Prayer
  168. Let My Life Speak for Thee
  169. Let the Blood Cleanse Away Every Stain
  170. Let Your Life for Jesus Shine
  171. Life’s Sunshine May Be Checkered
  172. Lift Up Your Voice in Jubilant Song
  173. Like the Stars That Brightly Shine Above Us
  174. Line Shall Not Break Where I Stand, The
  175. Line Up, Line Up for Jesus
  176. Little Hands Can Lift a Burden
  177. Living Forever
  178. Living in Canaan land
  179. Look for the Silver Lining
  180. Lord, I Am Pleading
  181. Lord, Send the Fire
  182. Love of God, The
  183. Love of Jesus, The
  184. Loyal and True
  185. Many Are the Deeds That I Can Never Do
  186. Many Things May Seem Obscure
  187. Merrily Sing
  188. Mighty Grace of God
  189. More Than a Friend
  190. Mounting Up
  191. My Burden Is Gone
  192. My God Is a Good God
  193. My Heart Is Full of Joy
  194. My Heart with Joy Is Singing
  195. My Mother’s Old Bible Is True
  196. My Shepherd
  197. My Sins Are Remembered No More
  198. My Song Shall Be of Jesus
  199. My Soul Is Clinging to Jesus
  200. My Soul Is Filled with Joy and Gladness
  201. My Wonderful Friend
  202. My Wonderful Lord
  203. My Wonderful Savior
  204. Name of Jesus, The
  205. No Compromise
  206. No One but Jesus Can Hear My Prayer
  207. No Other Name Found on Earth or in Heaven
  208. Not Far from the Kingdom
  209. Not for This World
  210. Nothing Between
  211. Nothing Can Be Greater Than a Heart Made Right
  212. Nothing New to Me
  213. Nothing Satisfies but Jesus
  214. Now Is the Day of Salvation
  215. O Captive Soul by Sin Oppressed
  216. O Heart That Was Broken for Me
  217. O Love of Calvary
  218. O My Heart Sings Today
  219. O Ring the Golden Bells of Freedom
  220. O Soul, Have You Thought of the Price You Pay?
  221. O Soul Vainly Striving for Peace and for Rest
  222. O Tell Me Not of the Joys of Earth
  223. O Troubled Heart, Bowed Down with Bitter Pain
  224. O What a Wonderful Grace I Have Found
  225. O What Must It Be to Be Lost
  226. O’er Our Fair and Mighty Nation
  227. Of Love Full and Free I Am Singing
  228. On the Resurrection Morn
  229. On the Winning Side
  230. Once I Was Bound by Sin’s Galling Fetters
  231. Once I Was Walking in the By Ways of Sin
  232. One Day at a Time the Master Will Lead
  233. One Day I Traveled a Toilsome Road
  234. One Is Walking with Me
  235. Only a Rose by the Way
  236. Only Little Hands Have We
  237. Onward, Christian Soldiers, Forward to the Fight
  238. Open the Windows of Heaven
  239. Out upon Life’s Ocean Many Souls Adrift
  240. Over the Jasper Sea
  241. Path Lies Hid Behind the Veil
  242. Peace That Jesus Gives, The
  243. Peace That My Savior Has Given, The
  244. Perfect Salvation, A
  245. Perhaps I Am Nearer Home Than I Think
  246. Place at the Cross, A
  247. Plead the Blood
  248. Power in Prevailing Prayer
  249. Pray Through
  250. Pray Without Ceasing
  251. Prayer Is the Key That Unlocks the Door
  252. Promise Unfailing, The
  253. Pull Up Stream
  254. Raindrops Fall on the Thirsty Ground
  255. Redeemed from Sin
  256. Resurrection Morning, The
  257. Sabbath Bells Are Chiming
  258. Safely Sheltered
  259. Satisfied
  260. Savior Have I, More Precious to Me, A
  261. Sheltered by Atoning Grace
  262. Shut in with God
  263. Sin Cannot Unpunished Be
  264. Since Jesus Saved Me
  265. Since Light Has Dawned on Me
  266. Sing a Song of Triumph
  267. Sing Me a Song of Heaven
  268. Sobbing of a Thousand Million, The
  269. Soldiers of Immanuel
  270. Some Day the Light of Earth Shall Fade Away
  271. Some Glad Morning I’ll Awaken
  272. Some Golden Morn
  273. Someone Is Out in the World of Sin
  274. Something in That Name
  275. Soul That Sinneth Shall Die, The
  276. Spirit Divine, Come In
  277. Stand Fast in the Lord
  278. Standing on the Word
  279. Still Saying No to Jesus
  280. Storm the Forts of Sin
  281. Sunshine Booster Band, The
  282. Sure Foundation, The
  283. Surrender to Jesus
  284. Sweeping This Way
  285. Sweeter Every Moment
  286. Tell It Everywhere
  287. Tell the Blessèd Story
  288. Tell the Story
  289. That Someone Is Jesus
  290. That Will Be Heaven When We Get Home
  291. Theme of My Song, The
  292. There Are Many Little Lambs
  293. There Are Many Who Have Gone the Way Before Us
  294. There Is a Land of Beauty
  295. There Is a Song I’ve Learned to Sing
  296. There Is Joy in Heaven
  297. There Is One Who Rules in Heaven
  298. There’s a Beautiful Land That Is Almost in View
  299. There’s a Blessed and Triumphant Song
  300. There’s a Land of Light
  301. There’s a Mighty Conflict Raging
  302. There’s a Mighty Host of Valiant Soldiers
  303. There’s a Word of Cheer for Each
  304. Though Far You Have Wandered Away from the Lord
  305. Though My Sins Were Scarlet Red
  306. Thrones May Fall and Crumble
  307. Through Long Weary Years
  308. Times and the Seasons Are Changing, The
  309. To Our God Above Draw Near
  310. Traveling to My Home, Sweet Home
  311. Trials of Earth May Be Many, The
  312. Trust in the Lord Your Savior
  313. Truth Shall Win, The
  314. Under the Atoning Blood
  315. Uttermost and Full Salvation, The
  316. Vast, Unmeasured Distance Lay, A
  317. Victory in My Soul
  318. Victory Is Here
  319. Vote as You Pray
  320. Walking in the Beautiful Light of God
  321. Watch Your Words Whatever You Do
  322. Waves Are Rolling High
  323. Way Is Narrow That Leads to Life, The
  324. We Are Gathered, Lord
  325. We Have Come to Dedicate to Thee
  326. We Shall Know Each Other Better Over Yonder
  327. Welcome Home, A
  328. What a Blessed Peace We Know
  329. What a Greeting
  330. What a Wonderful Day When I Lost the Load
  331. What a Wonderful Salvation
  332. What Have You Written Today?
  333. What Will It Be to Be There?
  334. When a Perfect Consecration I Had Made
  335. When Day Is Done
  336. When God Forgives, He Forgets
  337. When I Have Ended My Pilgrimage Here
  338. When Jesus Leads
  339. When Jesus Whispers
  340. When My Day Seems Long and Dreary
  341. When the Dawn of Eternity Shall Appear
  342. When the Shadows Fall
  343. When the Holy Ghost Abides
  344. When Your Heart Is Right with God
  345. Where Jesus Goes I’ll Gladly Follow
  346. Where the Shadows of Sin Are Falling
  347. Where They Need No Sun
  348. While Jesus Is Passing By
  349. Who Can Find Salvation Free
  350. Who Can Touch Our Life?
  351. Who Will Go?
  352. Whosoever, That Means Me
  353. Why Carry Your Load Any Longer?
  354. Will the Circle Be Broken?
  355. Win the One Next to You
  356. Winner of Souls, A
  357. With My Savior I Abide
  358. Wonder Working Name, The
  359. Wonderful Fountain, A
  360. Wonderful Grace of Jesus
  361. Wonderful Healer Once Walked Among Men, A
  362. Wonderful, Infinite, Matchless Love
  363. Wonderful Love
  364. Wonderful Peace
  365. Wonderful the Power of Christ Our King
  366. Wonderful, Wonderful, Jesus Is to Me
  367. Wondrous Name, The
  368. Word of God, The
  369. Ye Shall Be Holy
  370. Ye Who Are Troubled and Burdened by Sin
  371. Yielded to Thee
  372. Yonder a Man in the Prison Dwells
  373. Your Roses May Have Thorns
  1. Are You on the Right Trail?
  2. Church in the Village, The
  3. Count Me
  4. Glory Just to Walk
  5. His Wonderful Love
  6. I’m Abiding in Canaan Land
  7. In the Promised Land
  8. In the Same Old Fashioned Way
  9. Jesus Has Lifted Me
  10. Jesus Intercedes for Me
  11. King of Glory, The
  12. Risk Is Too Great, The
  13. Steady, Brother, Steady
  14. There’s a Place in God’s Planning for You
  15. Years Can Not Take Him Away, The