March 1, 1889, Kentucky.

March 13, 1945, Miller County, Missouri.

Forest Hill Cemetery, Kansas City, Missouri.


Bertha was the daughter of William C. and Eliza Wilson, and wife of song writer Haldor Lillenas. She studied at Deets Pacific Bible College, Los An­ge­les, Cal­i­for­nia (later Pasadena College), and was an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene, evangelist, singer, and composer and pianist.

  1. Give Me Souls
  2. God’s Guiding Hand
  3. I Found Him in His Fullness
  4. Jesus, the Rock of Ages
  5. Leave Your Burden at the Place of Prayer
  6. Lift a Load for Some One
  7. Saved by the Blood of the Crucified One
  8. Sing On, Dear Heart
  9. Song of Victory, The
  1. Jesus Is Always There
  2. Jesus Took My Burden
  3. Keep Looking Up