March 1, 1889, Ken­tuc­ky.

March 13, 1945, Mill­er Coun­ty, Mis­sou­ri.

For­est Hill Ce­me­te­ry, Kan­sas Ci­ty, Mis­so­uri.


Bertha was the daugh­ter of Will­iam C. and Eli­za Wil­son, and wife of song writ­er Haldor Lillenas.

She stu­died at Deets Pa­ci­fic Bi­ble Col­lege, Los An­ge­les, Ca­li­for­nia (lat­er Pa­sa­de­na Col­lege), and was an or­dained el­der in the Church of the Na­za­rene. She was ev­an­gel­ist, sing­er, com­pos­er and pi­a­nist.

  1. Give Me Souls
  2. God’s Guid­ing Hand
  3. I Found Him in His Full­ness
  4. Jesus, the Rock of Ag­es
  5. Leave Your Bur­den at the Place of Pray­er
  6. Lift a Load for Some One
  7. Saved by the Blood of the Cru­ci­fied One
  8. Sing On, Dear Heart
  9. Song of Vic­to­ry, The
  1. Jesus Is Al­ways There
  2. Jesus Took My Bur­den
  3. Keep Look­ing Up