Alfonso de’ Liguori

Sep­tem­ber 27, 1696, Marianella, Italy.

Au­gust 1, 1787, Nocera de’ Pagani, Italy.

De’ Li­guo­ri became Bishop of San­ta Aga­ta dei Go­ti (St. Ag­a­tha of the Goths), in Ben­e­ven­to, Italy, in 1762. Translations of his hymns appeared in:

  1. Dal tuo celeste trono
    • Look Down, O Mother Mary
  2. Fly Hither from the Storm That Rages Round
  3. Fiori, felici, voi, che notte, e giorno
    • O Flowers, O Happy Flowers
    • O Happy Flowers
  4. Gesu mio, con dure funi
    • My Jesus! What Wretch Has Dared
  5. Giacchè tu vuoi chiamarmi padre
    • Jesus! Let Me Call Thee Son
  6. In This Sweet Sacrament, to Thee
  7. Let Those Who Will for Other Beauties Pine
  8. Mary, Thy Heart of Love
  9. Mondo, più per me non sei
    • Jesus, Lord Be Thou My Own
    • World, Thou Art No More for Me
  10. Mother Mary, Queen Most Sweet
  11. My God, O Goodness Infinite
  12. My Soul, What Does Thou? Answer Me
  13. O bello Dio, Signor del Paradiso
  14. O Bread of Heaven! Beneath This Veil
  15. O How I Love Thee, Lord of Heaven
  16. Partendo dal mondo
    • When the Loving Shepherd
  17. Raise Your Voices, Vales and Mountains
  18. Sei pura, sei pia
    • O Mother Blest! Whom God Bestows
    • Thou Art Element, Thou Art Chaste
  19. Sto prigione entro quel Core
    • I Dwell a Captive in This Heart
  20. ’Tis Thy Good Pleasure, Not My Own
  21. Tu scendi dalle stelle
  22. Viva! Viva! Gesu

Liguori’s burial place