September 4, 1819, Auburn, Maine.

August 29, 1899, Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Saint Mary’s Cemetery, Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts.

Irville was the son of Han­son Les­lie and Ma­ry Mar­tin, and husband of Ma­ria Rice of Needham, Massachusetts.

As of 1843, he was editor of The Olive Leaf, a periodical in Chi­co­pee, Mas­sa­chu­setts. By 1873, he was editing The Young Pilgrim, an Advent Chris­tian publication in Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

  1. After All, Eternity!
  2. Brother, Thou Wast True and Faithful
  3. Far on Zion’s Mount Appearing
  4. Have You Heard About the Shepherd?
  5. He Is Everything to Me
  6. Here United Let Us Join
  7. I Hear the Savior Calling
  8. Keep Me, Lord, from Wandering
  9. Let Me Go Where They Are Going
  10. Let the Children Come to Me
  11. Now to Him Who Gave Us Breath
  12. O Come, Let Us Sing of His Mercy
  13. O ’Twas Love That Brought Me to Him
  14. On Time’s Tempestuous Ocean Wide
  15. Only Waiting Till the Dawning
  16. Sowing the Seed When the Day Has Begun
  17. Sowing Their Seed in the Beautiful Dawn
  18. Sweet and Precious Is the Promise
  19. Night Was Dark and Dreary, The
  20. Night Was Dark and Fearful, The
  21. Smitten Rock, Whence Water Flows, The
  22. Though the Way Grow Dark and Dreary
  23. To Thee, Savior, I Am Clinging
  24. We Are Traveling Home to Mansions Bright
  25. We’re a Band of Pilgrim Strangers
  26. When I Was Far Away and Lost
  27. When the Angels Come
  28. When the Skies Shall Glow
  29. Yonder’s My Home

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