Ju­ly 17, 1959.

In her own words:

Born into a small Italian-Jewish family, I travelled often because of my father’s Naval career. The family rarely attended religious services, but at the age of 13½ years I came under deep conviction of the Holy Spirit. I began reading the small Bible my parents had given me as a child. Over a year’s time I read completely through my Bible twice; marveling at the old, old story.

At 14½, I knew I needed to be saved. I began attending churches with school friends, but never understood the gospel message. Finally I attended a small Pentecostal-Holiness church, where the young minister spoke of heaven and hell, of sin, repentance of sins and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Suddenly it all came together, I recounted years later. Many preachers had spoken of believing in Jesus, and by that time I did. But I knew something was missing. That something was repentance: forsaking my sins and clinging to Jesus as my Lord and Savior. When Brother Olds preached, I knew what to do to be saved. At the close of the meeting a general invitation was given to come forward for prayer. I fairly ran down the aisle to be saved, I recounted with a smile. And somehow, in one of the mini-est of mini-skirts, I knelt down at a pew to pray and repented to the Lord of all my sins. Shortly afterward, I was baptized. My conversion was so remarkable that teachers and students alike began to ask what had happened. It was wonderful to tell them that Jesus’ blood had washed my sins away. I had many opportunities to share my faith in Christ!

Two years later I met David E. Lee, a young sailor who was also a believer. Within three years we married, and God gave us three children: Daniel, Jessie and Rebecca. Though I am now an invalid, I spend many hours writing for their prison ministry newsletter and website. I also write poems and hope they may be sung to the glory of God.

  1. God Himself Is with Us
  2. Life Through the Son
  3. Nearer to Jesus
  4. O Beautiful!
  5. Our Messiah Came