Jan­u­a­ry 30, 1992, Texas.


Jessie came to Christ at age nine. In her own words:

I have enjoyed walking with Jesus since I was nine years old. My father baptized (immersed) me at this age. Since my conversion I have helped in every area I can to give out the gospel.

My English father was in the Navy, so I’ve moved on average every year and half of my life. My Jewish/Italian mother is handicapped so my sister and I help my father take care of her. Since my father’s health has gone down, we hold jobs to support the family. I have one brother, married with a son, and one sister, Rebecca Lee, who is a dear friend.

I learned to sew at age eight, and have been sewing the family clothing, as well as making a living in this way, ever since. We love to sing as a family, and I go anywhere I can to sing praises to the Lord, and encourage others, as long as it isn’t for pay, including hospitals. I am also a writer, and have written over 200 poems, 20 full-length stories (fiction and biography), and a book of devotional and children’s works.

In 2012–13, I served in Romania for ten months at a mission, teaching part-Gypsy children in scholastic studies, music and Bible; as well as ministering to those living in the village. Being highly interested in the history and various peoples, I enjoy researching the genetic and cultural roots of peoples, which enables me to understand language and how to present the Gospel best. By this method, I have learned and written several articles and essays about how occult practices have become acceptable among the Christian churches. These very items have ruined the reputation of the gospel; and it is only by walking faithfully and showing the love and holiness in our own lives that we can hope to reverse the damage done.

Although we have attended many different churches, including Mennonite and Baptist, we do not claim any denomination. Our link is through the Blood of Jesus Christ. I wish most of all to bring glory to the Lord, who has forgiven me and loved me, no matter how many times I have sinned or how many friends I have lost. It is a lonely road, but it is the only one to go to glory and by the grace of Jesus Christ, I am who I am.

  1. Alone
  2. Daughter of Zion
  3. God Himself Is with Us
  4. Home
  5. Leave It for Tomorrow
  6. Light of Bethlehem, The
  7. My Blessèd Home
  8. My Life’s Foun­tain
  9. O God Beyond the Evening Hills