Early 20th Century
  1. Have You Told Anyone About Jesus?
  2. He Loves Even Me
  3. He Watches His sheep
  4. I Have a Savior Who Loves Even Me
  5. I Heard a Voice Saying, Come unto Me
  6. I Want to Be Like Him
  7. If You Would Do Something for Jesus
  8. If Your Heart Is Too Heavy to Carry the Load
  9. I’ve Been Thinking of His Death on Calvary
  10. Jesus Died on Calvary
  11. Jesus Has Promised My Shepherd to Be
  12. Just to Know That Jesus Loves Me
  13. Living for Jesus, Dwelling in Him
  14. One Day in Sin I Was Told of Love
  15. Prove by the Smile on Your Face Every Day
  16. Safe in the Keeping of Jesus My King
  17. Since I’ve Found My Savior I Am Strengthened
  18. That’s Why I Love Him
  19. ’Tis So Sweet Just to Trust in the Savior
  20. What Would Life Be Without Jesus
  21. When Discouraged and Disheartened
  22. When I Think of my Savior’s Great Love
  23. When in Doubt unto Jesus for Counsel I Go
  24. Whisper a Prayer
  1. I Know I’ll See Jesus Some Day