August 10, 1841, Manchester, New York.

October 20, 1913, East Orange, New Jersey.

Rosedale Cemetery, Orange, New Jersey.


Daughter of a Methodist minister, Lathbury studied art in Worcester, Massachusetts, and taught art and French at the Newbury Academy, Vermont, and in New York. She contributed pieces to St. Nicholas, Harper’s Young People, and Wide Awake. She was associated with the Chautauqua Movement near Chautauqua, New York, and was known as the poet laureate of Chautauqua. Regarding her talent for art and verse, she said that one day she heard a voice she believed was God, saying:

Remember, my child, that you have a gift of weaving fancies into verse and a gift with the pencil of producing visions that come to your heart; consecrate these to Me as thoroughly as you do your inmost spirit.

Lathbury’s works include:

  1. Alleluia, It Is Done, Christ Is Risen
  2. Angels, the Angels, The
  3. Arise, All Souls, Arise
  4. Awake, and Sing
  5. Behold, One Standeth at the Door and Calleth
  6. Billows of Deep Distress
  7. Break Thou the Bread of Life
  8. Chautauqua, Priestess of the Old
  9. Child at the Door, The
  10. Come, O Happy Children Come
  11. Day Is Dawning in the East
  12. Day Is Dying in the West
  13. Dove and the Raven, The
  14. Easter Carol
  15. Easter Song
  16. Every Lily in the Meadow
  17. Floating, Floating, Gaily Singing as We Row
  18. Flush of Morn, the Setting sun, The
  19. Hail, Happy Day, All Hail the Welcome Morn
  20. Heart of Jesus, Rent in Twain
  21. Heavens Declare Thy Glory, The
  22. I Hear the Tread of Men and Nations
  23. Incense from Dews of the Morning
  24. Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Descending from the Skies
  25. Join, O Friends, in a Memory Song
  26. Life in the Loom
  27. Lift Up, Lift Up Thy Voice
  28. Lift Up O Little Children
  29. Lift Up Your Voices
  30. Like the Surge of Hidden Waters
  31. Lord, from Thine Altars on Every Mountain
  32. The Lord Is in His Holy Temple
  33. Lord of All Life, the Near, the Far
  34. Lord of the Morning, Dews Are Ascending
  35. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, in Thy Shadows
  36. O River of the Life of God
  37. O Shepherd of the Nameless Fold
  38. O Sing the Passing Years
  39. O Trust Ye in the Lord Forever
  40. O Wondrous World Within a World
  41. Open the Gates
  42. Open the Windows of the World
  43. Pilgrim, Rest, a Well of Life
  44. Ring, O Bells Beside the Shore
  45. Shrine of the Singer, The
  46. Sing P’ans Over the Past
  47. Snowdrops, Lift Your Timid Heads
  48. Soft Through the Fading Light
  49. Song of Praise, A
  50. Song of Seven Years, A
  51. Sound Is Thrilling Through the Trees, A
  52. Spring Up, O Well, Spring Up
  53. Sunset of the Year, The
  54. There Lies a Little City in the Hills
  55. Trees Are Crowned with Glory, The
  56. Wake, O Winds, Among the Hills
  57. When the Day Is High and Clear
  58. Winds Are Wandering Through the Trees, The
  59. Winds Are Whispering to the Trees, The
  60. Young Soldiers of the Legion