Born: Au­gust 10, 1841, Man­ches­ter, New York.

Died: Oc­to­ber 20, 1913, East Or­ange, New Jer­sey.

Buried: Rose­dale Ce­me­te­ry, Or­ange, New Jer­sey.



Daughter of a Me­thod­ist min­is­ter, Lath­bu­ry stu­died art in Wor­ces­ter, Mas­sa­chu­setts, and taught art and French at the New­bu­ry Acad­e­my, Ver­mont, and in New York.

She con­trib­ut­ed piec­es to St. Ni­cho­las, Harp­er’s Young Peo­ple, and Wide Awake.

She was as­so­ci­at­ed with the Chau­tau­qua Move­ment near Chau­tau­qua, New York, and was known as the po­et laur­e­ate of Chau­tau­qua. Re­gard­ing her tal­ent for art and verse, she said that one day she heard a voice she be­lieved was God, say­ing:

Remember, my child, that you have a gift of weav­ing fan­cies in­to verse and a gift with the pen­cil of pro­duc­ing vi­sions that come to your heart; con­se­crate these to Me as tho­rough­ly as you do your in­most spir­it.

Lathbury’s works in­clude:

  1. Alleluia, It Is Done, Christ Is Ris­en
  2. Angels, the An­gels, The
  3. Arise, All Souls, Arise
  4. Awake, and Sing
  5. Behold, One Stand­eth at the Door and Call­eth
  6. Billows of Deep Dis­tress
  7. Break Thou the Bread of Life
  8. Chautauqua, Priest­ess of the Old
  9. Child at the Door, The
  10. Come, O Hap­py Child­ren, Come
  11. Day Is Dawn­ing in the East
  12. Day Is Dy­ing in the West
  13. Dove and the Ra­ven, The
  14. Easter Ca­rol
  15. Easter Song
  16. Every Li­ly in the Mea­dow
  17. Floating, Float­ing, Gai­ly Sing­ing as We Row
  18. Flush of Morn, the Set­ting Sun, The
  19. Hail, Hap­py Day, All Hail the Wel­come Morn
  20. Heart of Je­sus, Rent in Twain
  21. Heavens De­clare Thy Glo­ry, The
  22. I Hear the Tread of Men and Na­tions
  23. Incense from Dews of the Morn­ing
  24. Jerusalem, Je­ru­sa­lem, Des­cend­ing from the Skies
  25. Join, O Friends, in a Me­mo­ry Song
  26. Life in the Loom
  27. Lift Up, Lift Up Thy Voice
  28. Lift Up O Lit­tle Child­ren
  29. Lift Up Your Voic­es
  30. Like the Surge of Hid­den Wa­ters
  31. Lord, from Thine Al­tars on Ev­ery Moun­tain
  32. The Lord Is in His Ho­ly Tem­ple
  33. Lord of All Life, the Near, the Far
  34. Lord of the Morn­ing, Dews Are As­cend­ing
  35. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, in Thy Sha­dows
  36. O Ri­ver of the Life of God
  37. O Shep­herd of the Name­less Fold
  38. O Sing the Pass­ing Years
  39. O Trust Ye in the Lord For­ev­er
  40. O Won­drous World With­in a World
  41. Open the Gates
  42. Open the Win­dows of the World
  43. Pilgrim, Rest, a Well of Life
  44. Ring, O Bells Be­side the Shore
  45. Shrine of the Sing­er, The
  46. Sing P’ans Ov­er the Past
  47. Snowdrops, Lift Your Ti­mid Heads
  48. Soft Through the Fad­ing Light
  49. Song of Praise, A
  50. Song of Se­ven Years, A
  51. Sound Is Thrill­ing Through the Trees, A
  52. Spring Up, O Well, Spring Up
  53. Sunset of the Year, The
  54. There Lies a Lit­tle Ci­ty in the Hills
  55. Trees Are Crowned with Glo­ry, The
  56. Wake, O Winds, Among the Hills
  57. When the Day Is High and Clear
  58. Winds Are Wan­der­ing Through the Trees, The
  59. Winds Are Whis­per­ing to the Trees, The
  60. Young Sol­diers of the Le­gion