January 3, 1650, Danzig (Gdansk), Poland.

August 20, 1727, Danzig, Poland.

Lange worked for some time as a secretary in Danzig, and later in Warsaw. In 1691, he was appointed judge in the Altstadt of Danzig, and senator in 1694. After visiting Holland in 1698, he allied himself with the Mennonites and Pietists in Danzig, and came into conflict with the Lutheran church. His hymns were mostly written about the time when pestilence hit Danzig in 1710, and principally appeared in his LXI. Gott geheiligte Stunden (probably published at Danzig in 1711).

  1. Im Abend blinkt der Morgenstern
    • Wondering Sages Trace from Afar, The
    • At Eve Appears the Morning Star
  2. O Gott, du Tiefe sonder Grund
  3. Uner denen grossen Gütern
    • Many a Gift Did Christ Impart
    • Though I Speak Angel Tongues