De­cem­ber 20, 1853, Nottingham, Eng­land.

De­cem­ber 6, 1931, Worcester, Eng­land.

Cloister Garth, Worcester Ca­thed­ral, Eng­land.


Lacey entered Bal­li­ol College, Ox­ford, as an exhibitioner in 1871 (BA 1876, MA 1885).

He was ordained a deacon in 1876, priest in 1879, and was appointed Vicar of St. Ed­mund, North­amp­ton; of Mad­ing­ley, Cam­bridge (1894–1903); and Chaplain to the Lon­don Di­o­ces­an Penitentiary. He served on the committee that compiled The Eng­lish Hymnal in 1906, contributing several translations and two original hymns. In 1919, he became Canon of Wor­ces­ter.

  1. All Prophets Hail Thee
  2. Day Draws on with Golden Light, The
  3. Dying Robber Raised His Aching Brow, The
  4. His Cheering Message from the Grave
  5. Lord of Creation, Bow Thine Ear
  6. Now Is the Healing Time Decreed
  7. O Come, O Come, Em­man­u­el
  8. O Faith of England, Taught of Old
  9. O Je­su Christ, From Thee Began
  10. O Kind Creator, Bow Thine Ear
  11. O Savior Jesu, Not Alone
  12. O Word Immortal of Eternal God
  13. Servant of God, Remember
  14. With Golden Splendor