No­vem­ber 23, 1809, Ma­dras, India (now Chen­nai, Ta­mil Na­du).

Oc­to­ber 26, 1878, South Ken­sing­ton, Lon­don, Eng­land.

Friern Barnet, Lon­don, Eng­land.

Herbert was the second son of Ro­ger Kyn­as­ton, by his marriage to Georgiana, third daughter of Charles Oak­e­ley, governor of Ma­dras. Educated at Westminster School from 1823. He was admitted to Christ Church, Oxford, in 1827, and matriculated on 30 May. He obtained the college prize for Latin verse (subject, Scyth­ae No­mad­es) in 1829, took a first-class in Classics in 1831, and was appointed tutor and Greek reader in 1836. He graduated BA in 1831, MA in 1833, and BD and DD in 1849.

At the university, he was select preacher in 1841, and was subsequently a lecturer at his college in philology, a subject to which he was much devoted, and to which he continually directed the attention of his pupils. In 1834 he was ordained, and served as curate of Cul­ham, Ox­ford­shire. Four years later, at age 28, he was elected High Master of St. Paul’s School, Lon­don, on the retirement of Dr. John Sleath.

Lord Truro, presented Kyn­as­ton in 1850 to the city living of St. Ni­cho­las Cole Abbey, with St. Nicholas Ol­ave, which he held until the parishes were amalgamated with St. Mary Som­er­set in 1866. He resigned the mastership of St. Paul’s in 1876, and the only preferment which he held at the time of his death was the pre­ben­dal stall of Ho­lborn in St. Paul’s Ca­thed­ral, to which he was presented by Bishop Blom­field in July 1853.

Kynaston contributed to the Guardian from time to time several renderings into Latin of his own hymns and hymns by those others, but mostly these were not republished. His other works in­clude:

  1. All Souls Are Mine
  2. Blessings and Be­reave­ment
  3. Children in the Mar­ket Place
  4. Collect for Ad­vent
  5. Descent from the Cross, The
  6. Ever Pre­sent Sin, The
  7. First Dis­ci­ple, The
  8. First Mis­sion­ary, The
  9. Hark! The Trum­pet, Earth’s Four Re­gions
  10. Jesus Pass­ing
  11. Land Be­fore Them, Where to Choose, The
  12. Lord’s Chas­te­ning, The
  13. Lord’s Knock­ing, The
  14. Mighty Work­ing, The
  15. Missionary Child, The
  16. Name of Je­sus
  17. Rehoboth, There Is Room
  18. Search for Je­sus, The
  19. Second Mi­ra­cu­lous Draught, The
  20. Silence in Hea­ven
  21. Thomas Not with the Ten
  22. Thomas with the Ten
  23. We Love Him Be­cause He First Loved Us
  24. Who Is My Neigh­bor?
  1. Christian, Wouldst Thou Boast Aright?
  2. Cross of Cal­va­ry, The
  3. Day of Life
  4. Jesu, So­lace of My Soul
  5. Now the World New Plea­sures Finds
  6. Weep No More This Ho­ly Morn­ing

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