August 18, 1762, Havelberg, Brandenburg.

August 22, 1838, Neustadt-Eberswalde (near Berlin), Germany.

Samuel was the son of S. C. K. Küster, inspector and chief pastor at Havelberg.

He studied at the University of Berlin (DD 1835), and be became third pastor of the Friedrich-Wer­der Church in Ber­lin in 1786, second pastor in 1793, and in 1797 chief pastor and superintendent, after the death of his father, who had been called to the church in 1777.

He helped edit the 1829 Berlin Ge­sang Buch, and contributed two hymns to it. He also published, in 1831, a small volume of Kurze le­bens­ge­schict­liche Nach­richt­en about the authors of the hymns therein.

  1. O Jesu, Freund der Seelen