December 2, 1884, Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands.

December 15, 1933, Passaic, New Jersey.

Restlawn Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Kuipers emigrated from Holland to America in the late 1880s, graduated from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and was ordained in the Christian Reformed Church. He served at the Second Christian Reformed Church of Fremont, Michigan (1914–19); Christian Reformed churches in Oakland, Michigan (1919–23); Dennis Avenue, Grand Rapids, Michigan (1923–27); and Summer Street, Passaic, New Jersey (1927–33). He wrote a number of poems, hymns, and psalm versifications.

  1. By the Sea of Crystal
  2. Forth from Thy Courts
  3. I Hear in the Air
  4. I Love the Lord, the Fount of Life and Grace
  5. In My Grievous Tribulation
  6. In the Good Ship of Our Captain
  7. My Mouth Shall Sing for Aye
  8. O God of Hosts, O God of Grace
  9. O Israel’s God, How Good Thou Art
  10. Our Gracious God
  11. Send Forth, O Lord of My Salvation