December 2, 1884, Leeu­war­den, Fries­land, Ne­ther­lands.

December 15, 1933, Pas­sai­c, New Jer­sey.

Restlawn Cemetery, Grand Ra­pids, Mi­chi­gan.

Kuipers emigrated from Hol­land to Amer­i­ca in the late 1880s, graduated from Cal­vin College, Grand Ra­pids, Mi­chi­gan, and was ordained in the Christian Reformed Church. He served at the Second Christian Reformed Church of Fre­mont, Mi­chi­gan (1914–19); Christian Reformed churches in Oak­land, Mi­chi­gan (1919–23); Den­nis Ave­n­ue, Grand Ra­pids, Mi­chi­gan (1923–27); and Summer Street, Pas­sa­ic, New Jer­sey (1927–33). He wrote a number of poems, hymns, and psalm versifications.

  1. By the Sea of Crystal
  2. Forth from Thy Courts
  3. I Hear in the Air
  4. I Love the Lord, the Fount of Life and Grace
  5. In My Grievous Tribulation
  6. In the Good Ship of Our Captain
  7. My Mouth Shall Sing for Aye
  8. O God of Hosts, O God of Grace
  9. O Israel’s God, How Good Thou Art
  10. Our Gracious God
  11. Send Forth, O Lord of My Salvation