Mrs. M. O. J. Kreps

September 27, 1861, Fincastle, Virginia.

August 13, 1936, Columbia, South Carolina, of tuberculosis.

Elmwood Cemetery, Columbia, South Carolina.

Nannie was the daughter of Eldridge Hershey Carper and Cordelia L. Whiteside, and wife of minister Muller O. J. Kreps.

She moved with her family to Salem, Virginia, where she married in 1883. After a short stay in Georgia, where her husband was pastor of Lutheran churches in Prosperity and Augusta, the couple moved to Columbia, South Carolina, in 1910. He became pastor of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in the village Pacific of Pacific Mills and directed mission work there. Following his death in 1929, Nannie took up that work where he left off.

She also edited The Spinner, an industrial magazine, and for 20 years edited the missionary section of The Lutheran Church Visitor. She also wrote a large number of Lutheran tracts, and was in charge of religious work among women at the state penitentiary, where she often conducted Christmas services.

Kreps served as president of the Women’s Synodial Missionary Society of the Lutheran church in South Carolina, 1908–34. She also served for 12 years as state president of the King’s Daughters, a non-denominational church organization, as president of the Women’s Interdenominational Union of Columbia for 15 years, and as evangelical secretary for the Women’s Christian Temperance Union of South Carolina. Her works include:

  1. Jesus Loves Us
  2. Singing Ever unto Jesus

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