March 17, 1823, Martinsburg, West Virginia.

January 2, 1883, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He had recently returned from a trip to Europe intended to recover his health.

Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Krauth graduated from the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Lutheran Theological Seminary in 1841, then pastored over 20 years in various locations. In 1864, he became a professor of dogmatics at the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1868, he became Professor of Mental & Moral Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania, and in 1873 became vice provost of that school. He was the first president of the General Council, a federation of Lutheran synods, and edited The Lutheran and The Lutheran Church Review. His daughter was hymn translator Harriet Spaeth. His works include:

  1. Happy Christmas Comes Once More, The
  2. Wide Open Are Thy Hands