November 10, 1862, near Berlin (now Kitchener), Ontario, Canada.

March 15, 1925, Concord, Indiana.

Prairie Street Cemetery, Elkhart, Indiana.


Abram was the son of Jacob Ziegler Kolb and Maria Bowman, and husband of Phoebe Kratz Funk.

After graduating from high school, he taught for four years, including a year in America, where his pupils reportedly included Orville and Wilbur Wright, later inventors of the airplane. In 1886, Kolb moved to Elkhart, Indiana, and became an assistant editor at the Mennonite Publishing Company owned by John F. Funk. He eventually worked his way up to serve as editor-in-chief, then vice-president of the company until a year before his death. He also edited Words of Cheer and Herald der Wahrheit, and translated many manuscripts being prepared for publication, among them the Enchiridion of Anabaptist leader Dirk Philips.

  1. Christ, Who Left His Home in Glory
  2. Dear Savior, When I Think of Thee
  3. Maker, Keeper, Thou Be My Guardian Now
  1. Grateful Submission
  2. Love’s Consecration
  3. Montmartre
  4. Shine in My Heart, Lord Jesus